The fun starts on the Central Coast

9 January 2014

New South Wales is huge. It’s a big task to try and document all the fun to be had in this state, but I have to start somewhere !! That somewhere is the Central Coast: The fun starts here.

Each region is undeniably marked with uniqueness and it’s completely true in the Central Coast. Most people think of this area’s beaches, but I saw a different side. Let’s just say that things picked up speed, quickly.

There’s a first time for everything, but Central Coast had about 5 of them for me. On arrival, I stepped out of the car and onto a Segway. Not sure what to expect, I found that the learning curve was instant. This seemingly goofy machine was 100x more fun than I expected. Segways go a whole lot faster than I previously thought. Tearing up hills, dropping off curbs, and cutting between trees, the sense of balance on this machine was entirely new. A Segway will probably make its way into my purchases when I win the lottery. As the ride concluded, I realized wouldn’t be on this machine for long before I tested my own built-in machines: my legs and arms.

Treetops Adventure Park, Central Coast

Chief Funster at Treetops Adventure Park, Central Coast

Central Coast is really lush. The forest areas are both deep and high, and TreeTops Adventure Park takes advantage of both. Ranging from what would be a fun obstacle course to military training camp, the courses at TreeTops are a complete blast as well as a challenge. 15m above the forest floor, you have to see what this course is like to feel it:

The entire region is living …and breathing …and, as I found out, chomping! The pelicans at The Entrance are a key attraction and incredibly hungry. Not only did I feed 80+ of them, I picked one up. That was something I never expected to happen. Regardless, an animal with a potentially 50mm-long beak looks awesome at 240 frames-per-second:

After I was done throwing piles of fish into stretchy gullets, I rode a 40m high ride at The Entrance Beach. The combinations of activity in this trip were surprising, just like the g-force that blew through my body on the ride.

Glenworth Valley is epic. You can “muster” (round up) horses, drive ATV’s to redline, kayak, laser skirmishes, etc. I dare you to try and do it all in one day. In my day, I somehow did three of those. Honestly speaking, it had to be one of the highlights of my Australian stay. Glenworth Valley Adventure Park’s ATV racing track is amazing. My adrenaline was capped after just 20 minutes, but I rode for at least 60. When your quad bike’s back-end comes sliding out in the middle of a turn at full speed, it is rad.

After all the action and high speeds, I needed a refresher. You can hold me to my word, but there is nothing like a freshly dry-hopped ale straight from a fermenter. Six String Brewery in Erina, NSW is making waves in the Central Coast, waves full of fresh hops, yeast and barley. Finishing the boil on their hefeweizen, I helped Six String rake the spent grain from their mashton. It always tastes better when you can feel your work in something. The guys at Six String know that best. The team is comprised of an ex-police officer, IT worker and chemical engineer who’ve all changed careers to brewing. They’re in it for the long-term, and their beers are there to stay in the Central Coast. It won’t be long before Six String is a staple name in the world of suds.

6 Strings Brewery, Central Coast

6 Strings Brewery, Central Coast

In short, Central Coast had so many things to do that it warrants a trip of its own.

PS: Try a handstand on a stand up paddle board on your first try, this was me at Avoca Beach.