X Trial Australian Championship - Wollongong

Saturday 27 July 2019


The X Trail Australian Championship is back!

X Trial is the ultimate Level of competition. Only the best eight riders get an invitation to test themselves on the most difficult and intense course in Australia. For the rider it is the Ultimate Championship, for the audience, it is the most intense sporting event you will ever see, a genuinely emotional edge of your seat experience!

X Trial is more than a sport - it is an art form packaged into a three hour, action packed, showcase. It is a test of control and skill, whilst the clock ticks, it is raw and intense. It is Australia’s best against the most difficult and intense course in Australia.

The riders are pitted against five obstacle courses and a race, like parkour on steroids, and American ninja on motorcycles - these guys have to ride massive earth moving tyres, concrete pillars, logs, skip bins and much more.

There will be Eight Riders, Five Sections and only One Champion.

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