Wollongong Splash

Sunday 08 March 2020


The 2020 Wollongong Splash is all out ocean and beach fun in the beautiful Illawarra city of Wollongong.

Set the calendar for March 2020, and close out summer with the ninth edition featuring the new SwimrunX a Multi-swim-run-multi-terrain challenge completed in pairs, along with the ever popular Ocean and Harbour Swims, and traditional 'aquathons'.

Held in the vibrant and growing city of Wollongong, a little over an hour outside of Sydney within the central backdrop of historic Wollongong harbour and the city's favourite beach, North Wollongong. There's a fantastic and fun program of events experiences, and distances to suit those out for fun or a challenge.

Safe, professionally organised, loads of fun and a great vibe.

Get your family or mate/s and into the Wollongong Splash.

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