Trash Talk

Thursday 30 January 2020 to Sunday 02 February 2020


A Merrigong Theatre Company production in association with The Disability Trust | By The Strangeways Ensemble

Justice in the workplace is at stake – so let’s get ready to rumble!

Returning to their stage for the first time since their huge success with 2017’s The Outside Man, Merrigong Theatre Company’s Strangeways Ensemble, a permanent ensemble of seven professional actors perceived to have intellectual disability, brings you their stunning new work.

Set in a fictional workplace — the recycling depot of an Australian Disability Enterprise — Trash Talk draws inspiration from the real life 2018 review of award wages for people working in such commercial businesses, and the personal impact that it had on members of the cast.

With a hugely entertaining blend of humour, physical theatre and video projection, Trash Talk is framed within the hyper-reality of a professional wrestling tournament. With its gladiatorial approach to human rights and their universal desire for respect and dignity, the show reaffirms the right to work as fundamental to human existence.

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