Infamous - A Cabaret Cirque Sensation - Wollongong


Tuesday 13 February to Sunday 11 March 2018

This is one Adult Circus you just don't want to miss. A combination of sexy circus acts, raunchy dancing, live music and cheeky comedy will keep adults crying with laughter. Infamous is an 18+ event.
Cabaret: A form of entertainment featuring music, song, dance recitation or drama. The audience often sitting at tables dining and drinking.
Spiegeltent: (Dutch for mirror tent) A large travelling tent, constructed from wood and canvas and decorated with mirrors and stained glass.
Big Top: A large tent in which a travelling circus, with daring thrill acts, takes place.
Speigel Big Top: A combination of Spiegeltent and Big Top that uses some or all of the individual elements of each.

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