Severs Beach


Discover the timeless beauty of NSW’s Sapphire Coast at Severs Beach. Located in the fishing and whale watching haven of Eden, this picturesque beach is truly tempting all year round.

Visit in summer to go swimming or paddling, or try your luck game fishing - it’s at its best here between December and May. A beach walk’s just the thing to keep you warm in winter, while a picnic by the water is a real springtime treat. If you’re into birdwatching, keep a lookout for a variety of bird species, including mighty sea eagles soaring overhead or even plunge diving for fish.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Severs Beach, though, is its heritage. Here, you can see Aboriginal shell middens, carbon dated to 3,500 years old. Tread the wooden boardwalk, which transports you across the midden to the beach and offers excellent views. Please be sure to stay to the path and respect the cultural value of this special part of Ben Boyd National Park.

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