Bittangabee Bay Ruins


Bittangabee Bay ruins, in Ben Boyd National Park, is an unfinished stone building dating from the 1840s, giving visitors a glimpse of early European history in the national park.

After just a short stroll from Bittangabee Bay carpark, you’ll arrive at a site of curious ruins, left untouched since the 1840s. A stone building on the shore of Bittangabee Bay, the structure was never completed, and it is thought to have been the work of the Imlay brothers at a time when they were well-known pastoralists in the area. Financial hardship and the death of two of the three brothers in quick succession ground things to a halt, and it has remained that way for more than 170 years.

This makes for a good side trip from relaxing on the beach at Bittangabee Bay. History buffs will love the remnant of early European history, while others will marvel at the effort once required to build in the rugged Australian bush. For more information on the ruins, an audio tour is available.

Lyrebirds are often glimpsed on the path to the site or heard calling through the trees – bring a camera if birdwatching is of interest.

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