Kings Point Pedal Kayak Hire


Kings Point Pedal Kayak Hire offers a range of quality Hobie brand kayaks with pedal drive systems. They have single fishing and recreation kayaks. They also have double kayaks suitable for a child, who cannot reach the pedals, with an adult in the rear seat doing the pedalling and steering.

Your kayaking experience begins and ends at the rear of their property in the Shoalhaven area of the NSW South Coast. You will be on the relatively calm waters of Burrill Lake and with their pedal kayaks you can enjoy: Fishing at one of many good fishing places on the lake, Swimming at a secluded sandy spot, Exploring many places where there is no vehicular access, Sight-seeing of the lakeside homes of Kings Point and Burrill Lake, Exercising by pedalling or paddling your kayak or bring a picnic lunch to take onshore somewhere on the waters edge.

You are in control of how fast or how far you go depending on your ability and chosen hire period. This is not a tour or group activity. You choose your own pace.

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