The Spot Craft Co-Op: The Inlet Spot


The Inlet Spot is a unique craft shop that is operated by a group of 24 local craft enthusiasts who have been displaying and selling their art and craft items for over 20 years.

At The Spot you will discover a large selection of arts and crafts, including original paintings, folk art, award winning photography and unique pottery, jewellery and beaded gifts.

There is a large range of beautiful hand-made articles, such as children's clothes, toys, dolls, teddies and other knitted and embroidered items.

You will also find a selection of delicious jams, pickles, relishes and honey, as well as a wonderful range of natural skincare products, home made soaps and candles.

A variety of other unique hand-made crafts are also available and the range continually changes for the latest ideas and products.

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