The Pines BnB


Established in 1850, The Pines has been sympathetically and beautifully restored to ensure its old world charm remains for all to enjoy. Though over 115 years old, the house boasts modern touches in both technology and aesthetic design.

Much of the house is still original including its timber floorboards. With some clever renovations to restore it to its former beauty whilst also incorporating all the modern conveniences for a unique luxury experience. The first recorded occupier of the estate was Thomas Henry Smith, a brick layer by trade who operated a brickworks on Journal Street.

After Henry Smith passed away in 1905, the house remained in the family until 1949. The Smith family are well known today as a reputable Australian charity organisation were descendants of John Smith who reputedly built the first house in Nowra, at the bottom end of the main street in Nowra named Junction Street. Today known best for all the populous cafes and restaurants.

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