Shoalhaven Skirmish


Paintball and Outdoor Laser Skirmish in a rural/bush type atmosphere.

Paintball - For those who are 16 and over who love paintball or just want an excuse to shoot your friends, then this is the place to come. Excellent for parties, functions or just a nice weekend activity for you to let off some excess energy in a fun and exciting way.

Laser Skirmish - For those who are not yet old enough or just don't like the idea of having paintballs shot at you, then Laser Skirmish is the thing for you. Laser skirmish is played outdoors in the sun. With guns that can shoot up to 80 metres in the full sunlight, these guns are awesome.

Don't get Laser Skirmish confused with Laser tag, Strategy and tactics come in handy and will serve a team right if applied.

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