Mavericks live at Tumut River Brewing Co

Saturday 20 July 2019


An original, wild act, it’s folk that resembles everything else. This duo packs hefty, emotional punches, with hands wrapped in silk and songs to heal the scars. You’ll swear you hear twins, with sounds and harmonies you just can’t pick apart.

Lindsay Martin finally brings his sensitive strings and velvet vocals to the fore, while songstress Victoria Vigenser delivers gritty lyric and driving rhythms with a truly magnificent voice.

Vigenser and Martin bring out the best in each other, and you can hear it. They met at a rainy festival in New Zealand's capital one day, both accompanists, never expecting to step up and take the stage together a couple of years later. After a handful of performances as a duo in 2018, they realised they had no choice but to continue- Now their crazy stories and hooky originals will have you enthralled.

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