White Cliffs Music Festival - White Cliffs

Opening the 2017 concert, Lily and the Drum

Event dates to be confirmed: May 2018

The White Cliffs Music Festival showcases a wide variety of musical genres with artists from all walks of music, many of whom are internationally acclaimed performers.
The Festival has hosted fantastic performances from highly acclaimed artists such as Ted Egan, Phil Manning, Natalie Foley, Hamilton County Bluegrass Band from New Zealand, Travis Sinclair, Grant Luhrs and the Chook Raffle Band, Royden Donohue, Euripi, the Davidson Brothers and resident band from Wilcannia, The Black Shadows. In 2019 the Festival celebrates a 10 Anniversary with many of these artists being invited back for a “Best of the Best” feature concert

For more information: www.whitecliffsmusicfestival.com.au