White Cliffs Underground Motel


White Cliffs - known for its Opal Mining - is an extraordinary place with most of the town living in underground dwellings called dugouts. The White Cliffs Underground Motel is built mostly underground providing you with an opportunity to share a unique lifestyle - sleeping underground is a unique experience.

Dugouts are so-called because they are dug in the rock. Regardless of the heat of the Australian outback, dugouts enjoy a constant 22°C temperature all year round. They are perfectly dry, well ventilated and environmentally sound as there is never the need to use a heater or air-conditioning.

White Cliffs - with a landscape that could be compared to a lunar-scape - has Opal showrooms, solar powerstation, an airstrip and the Underground Motel has a helipad - so you can fly or drive. Tours of opal diggings fossicking can be arranged.

For further information please visit their website.

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