Australian Guitar Making School: Northern NSW


Your dream of making your own high performance acoustic or electric instrument can come true here in the relaxed atmosphere at Stokers Siding.

Weekly four hour classes as well as intensive courses are available. Drop by and have a chat and see the workshop for yourself and play one of the unique instruments.

No woodworking experience is necessary and you will learn about wood, using hand tools like chisels, planes, saws, steaming apparatus, basic wood machining and the science behind sound but most importantly have fun being creative with your hands.

The guitars made in their schools are a world class modern design and you can customise your instrument to make it just right for you.

Depending on how much homework you can do you might expect around 80 hours to complete your build. Regular classes are available Thursday and Friday night 6pm - 10pm and Thursday to Saturday 10pm -2pm.

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