John Mawurndjul: I am the old and the new Exhibition

Saturday 27 July 2019


John Mawurndjul AM (born 1952, Kubukkan near Marrkolidjban, western Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia) is celebrated for his mastery of rarrk and his depiction of djang, a tradition shared by generations of Kuninjku artists.

The artist has led the development of this exhibition, which describes in Kuninjku his places of special cultural significance known as kunred, as well as the sacred places and spirits – or djang – that resurface time and time again in his art-making. You also encounter the animals and spirit beings that populate these locations including female water spirits (yawkyawk), rainbow serpents (ngalyod) and mischievous mimih spirits.

This exhibition was developed and co-presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Art Gallery of South Australia, in association with Maningrida Arts and Culture. The touring exhibition includes over 50 works, spanning forty years of the artist’s practice.

This exhibition has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Visions of Australia Program.

Clothilde Bullen, Natasha Bullock, Nici Cumpston and Dr Lisa Slade with Keith Munro as Lead Cultural Advisor; in close collaboration with John Mawurndjul AM, Kay Lindjuwanga, Ananaias Jawulba and Maningrida Arts and Culture staff Michelle Culpitt, Zebedee Bonson, Derek Carter and interpreter/translator Dr Murray Garde.

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