Elder in Residence Chat with Elder Rhonda Radley about local Gathang language

Saturday 03 August 2019


Immerse yourself in local Aboriginal Gathang language with Birpai Elder Rhonda Radley in a series of allocated sessions in the Gallery space. Rhonda will lead you through a sound and pictorial method known as ASLA – Accelerated Second Language Acquisition techniques.

Rhonda is an Aboriginal woman with strong family and cultural ties to the Gathang Birpai and Dhanggati Language Nations.

As a member of the Gathang Language Group and a Language activist she advocates for Aboriginal Languages to be taught, integrated and spoken.

Rhonda works across pre-school, primary and secondary schools, TAFE, universities sharing her knowledge on Aboriginal languages, Aboriginal cultures, history and contemporary realities with community, students and staff.

She shares from the heart and incorporates knowledge gained from her life experiences to support the learning and understanding of the complexity of the Aboriginal story.

Rhonda has received state, regional and local awards for her community work.

Currently she is a PHD student researching the Usefulness of Gesture as a Teaching Modality to Learn the Gathang Language.

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