Creative Kids School Holidays at The Seed

Monday 06 January 2020 to Friday 17 January 2020


Fun themes include:

Monet for a Day:
Decorate your own artists paint apron
Paint a series of artworks
Make a hanging board to display your art!

Harry Potter Day:
​Draw yourself aboard a giant Hogwarts Express train
Paint your pet owl
Make a polymer clay wand
Dress in your house colours! Red for Gryffindor, Green for
Slytherin, Yellow for Ravenclaw or Blue for Hufflepuff!

Fashion Designer
Paint your own tote bag and t-shirt
Sew your own scrunchy
Design your own kicks!

​Fantasy Day:
​Make your own wand
Paint a fantasy scene on canvas
Make a terracotta fairy garden

​Superhero Day:
​Make a superhero mask
Design and draw your superhero costume
Paint a superhero on canvas

Skater Day:
​Galaxy spray painting
Design a skate deck
Make a cool flextangle

​Check the website for specific theme dates!

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