Choirboys: Argenton

Friday 22 November 2019


Giving AC/DC and Creedence Clearwater Revival a Choirboy makeover brought the crowds in and raised the roof in a way that only those in the eighties will really remember.

Now the Choirboys have really caught the bug. They’re on the trail to a music revelation and the next stop is Tom Petty. More songs from their formative years and you’ll find it just permeates every pore of being a musician, a songwriter, a listener, audience or aficionado.

Tom Petty is up there as one of the most brilliant artists in the genuine music verse: His flavors, his view and the space, the angle he takes to reach into the heart of a concept and drag it out, to place it right in front of you.

So here they are – back again - The Choirboys, venturing into their second live six pack of hits, and they’re just itching to record these songs and hit the road, giving the Petty songs a little dose of divine Pub Rock.

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