Telegherry River: Chichester State Forest


Chichester State Forest on the Telegherry River is a campers delight, with numerous camping and day-use areas nestled along the banks of the beautiful Telegherry.

This cool, lush green haven includes Telegherry Forest Park, with separate picnic and camping areas beside the river. There are a number of short walking tracks leading into the surrounding forest and the creek is a popular spot for li-loing or relaxing in the cool Telegherry waters. Frying Pan is a picturesque and very popular camping and picnic area whilst on the opposite bank, Coachwood Camping Area offers more places for people to set up camp. Coachwood is a popular with family groups and those wishing to enjoy river-based activities. A two kilometre (return) walking track to Problem Creek Falls starts at the downstream end of the Coachwood camping area. Four wheel drivers can also access Currawong camping area. A quiet spot away from the larger visitor areas, Currawong offers easy access to the Telegherry River. Currawong camping area can only be accessed by 4WD, due to a river crossing that varies in depth due to rainfall variations.

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