Perry's Lemon Myrtle Experience


Their Lemon Myrtle Property is situated in the beautiful Nambucca Valley, 15 minutes from Macksville. Visit their property and on arrival receive a free tasting of their Lemon Myrtle Ice Cream, view the lemon myrtle trees from the front of the gallery where you will give you a talk on operations of the plantation, visit the gallery, sample some of their wonderful Lemon Myrtle Products and make purchases of your choice of this All Australian Made, own and grown. No booking required for this option.

Option Two: A free tasting experience can be booked 24 hour prior to your arrival - bookings essential for this tasting experience.

Talk and visit their gallery to make purchases if you so choose to do so. They cater to small and large groups for Lemon Myrtle Tastings.

Their extensive range of products because of the exceptional properties held in the oil that they extract from their trees (natural antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial) are so beneficial to use for all family members on a daily basis, but they have a huge customer following for chronic and sensitive skin issues.

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