Solitary Islands Marine Park


Coastal walk on Coffs Coast

Follow the path of the coastal emu from Angourie to Red Rock on the four-day Yuraygir Coastal Walk which crosses the longest stretch of protected coastline in NSW. The section of the trail between Sandon to Red Rock is adjacent to Solitary Islands Marine Park, providing another way to enjoy the abundant corals and fish of this beautiful marine reserve. Alternatively, enjoy shorter walks from picnic and camping ares dotted along the route.

Beneath the sparkling turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean off the Coffs Coast, a vibrant but fragile marine ecosystem thrives. Stretching 75km north from Muttonbird Island in the south to Plover Island in the north, Solitary Islands Marine Park protects a diverse range of habitats including estuaries, sandy beaches, rocky shores, reefs and open oceans.

The park is home to more than 550 species of fish, 90 species of coral, four species of turtle and 600 species of molluscs. The Solitary Islands also support a range of threatened and protected species such as the grey nurse shark, black cod, turtles, whales, shore birds and rare marine algae.

This pristine environment is a haven for recreational pursuits including swimming, diving, fishing, surfing, bird watching and whale watching. If you've never dived before this is a great place to learn with an accredited learn-to-dive course.  Beneath the waves, you'll discover an incredible world of colourful anemonies, sea sponges and sea tulips. 

Back on land, pitch your tent in the adjacent Yuraygir National Park, north of Red Rock. The Yuraygir Coastal Walk is a four-day walk through the national park, the longest stretch of protected coastline in NSW crossing heathland, long sandy beaches, crystal clear creeks and lagoons and rocky headlands.