Diggers Camp


Diggers Camp was named as such because a gold mine operated here in the late 1800s – the only coastal gold mine in the Clarence Valley.

Treasures of a different sort awaits today’s visitor. And if you’re after a beach with charm and quietude, this might be your eureka moment.

The main beach at Diggers is about 500 metres long. The southern end is moderately protected by a series of low rocks that extends seaward, and the swimming in this cosy corner is a safer proposition than at the more exposed northern end.

There’s also a long beach that extends up from the northern rock cluster, that stretches north to Minnie Water.

Access to Diggers is via the unsealed Diggers Camp Road (off Wooli Road), and it’s a bit of a mission to get to. You’ll notice at Diggers that there’s no powerlines! That’s because Diggers is largely off the grid. Lots of solar panels on roofs and so on.

Diggers doesn’t have a shop, a streetlight, or even a main street. Long may it remain this way.

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