Bhavana Organic Farm and Cooking School


Bhavana (Bhaa-vuh-naa) meaning ‘spiritual cultivation’ is at the heart of every experience they offer.

From their organic gardens grown in harmony with Mother Nature, they cultivate seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit and harvest them with love. Their Isa Brown Chickens are a big part of the family, they wander the property and deliver delicious free-range eggs to them daily. A herd of Black Angus graze the pastures of the farm and play their part in maintaining this beautiful property.

They respect their location, their natural environment and their community. They support many local producers, artisans, farmers and their neighbours.

Their living philosophy, is the simple and authentic understanding of food and its significance to wellbeing and health. Whole foods provide not only living energy, but are the healing source for so many facets of life.

Their cooking classes provide you with a nurturing, relaxing and fun cooking experience, free from the stresses of everyday.

At Bhavana, inspiration and learning are at the heart of everything they do, after spending a day with them, you will take away skills and information that will enhance your life and wellbeing .

Bookings essential.

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