Cork and Fork, Wine and Butchery Lunch

Saturday 10 August 2019


At De Iuliis they do things differently. They’re not bound by tradition. They make great wine. They have a bit of fun with it. They do things for everyone to enjoy. So let’s lunch.

On the back of two preceding years, this third in a series of butchery themed wine events held in the winery at De Iuliis, has just been announced. It’s taken three years to settle on the name, but here you have it: Cork and Fork. Who’d have guessed.

Sure up your spot at this uber fun wine and butchery lunch at De Iuliis Winery, and leave the car behind. Think salumi, sit down feast style lunch, sunshine, live music, endless wine, butchery workshops. Fun. And this year they’re offering to organise you a ride so if you’re living or staying locally, or from Newcastle, don’t forget to book the pick up option.

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