Pave the way to Gular Street Art


Gulargambone added to its eclectic art works in July 2019 by painting five shops in bright popping colours and window installations completed by five local artists.

Window installations were carried out by Alison Dent, Sam Wykes, Brian Campbell, Ana Robson and Anna Kaineder. Their creations included a mix of metal and wire sculptures, delicate paper works and ceremics.

Ten renowned artists throughout Australia visited Gulargambone to create the wildest of make overs. Twelve buildings, one water tower and two footpaths were chosen for murals including 3D interactive artworks.

The visiting artists included outback icons Peter Browne and John Murray working their whimsical magic. The 'old hands' were joined by urban artists Goodie, James Giddy and Sam Brooks. American artist Rudy Kistler and DNart, a self-taught French/Vietnamese artist gave the group an international flavour.

Anchoring the team was Australia's most awarded pavement artist Jenny McCracken working for three weeks on the town's water tower and high profile artist Kaff-Eine added a new dimension. Claire Foxton delivered an astounding portrait of local character Peter Simpson.

In addition the amazing wire sculpture Ghosts of Bullocks Past created by local artist Brian Campbell depicts a life-sized bullock team with wool cart and bullocky.

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