National Gem Show

Friday 10 April 2020 to Monday 13 April 2020


The National Gem Show is world wide. It is held in a different state each year, this year it is Victoria but as their club (the host club) is in New South Wales, it is being held in Albury.

The event will feature dealers of all lapidary categories in the Jelbart Pavilion showing gems, minerals and fossils from all over the world. There will be demonstrators of carving of Jade, enamelling, carving of stone. Microscopes from the Mineralogy Society of Australia will be used to see minuscule inclusions in rocks and view gold etc. Metal detectors will be demonstrated. There will be tailgaters on the arena (outside traders) who will sell as hobbyists, some commercial sites will be there as well.

The showgrounds have about 140 powered sites and heaps of unpowered sites. There will be childrens' fossicking and panning for precious gems. Food will be provided by Lavington Lions and plenty of toilets and showers are available.

There will be talks by judges on how to prepare for competition and meetings of Aflaca, Micromounters and Australian Faceting Guild. The AFG have a world faceting competition of stones on view.

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