Fantastic Orchestral Beasts: Bowral

Sunday 20 January 2019

Illawarra On Pointe Productions (IOP) presents their Concert Orchestra in Fantastic Orchestral Beasts. A magical concert for the whole family it features music from Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and How To Train Your Dragon as well as other orchestral treasures by Debussy, Khachaturian, Puccini and many more composers.

Enjoy being entertained and wowed by an exceptionally talented orchestra that knows how to have some fun. Concert features mentor students and is conducted by IOP's Artistic Director Ryley Gillen.

Founded in 2014 IOP is an orchestral and theatrical production company that provides a platform for aspiring musicians, ballet dancers, actors and those who work in all other facets of theatre.

IOP stages one major production a year, run various orchestral concerts, are hired out to various theatre companies to enhance their performances and complete a Regional NSW School tour educating students about orchestral instruments and the creative arts. In 2019 IOP celebrates turning five and in celebration will premiere an original Australian composition by local composer Jeremy Boulton.

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