The Wetlands


The Wetlands forms part of Council’s extensive network of town waterways to collect water into a common catchment facility. It was developed as an innovation to solve drainage problems for the town, especially in times of heavy rainfall.

A large dam and a series of smaller ponds with varying water depths was constructed which aids the collection of run-off water from the town and water levels may vary seasonably.

The Wetlands hold approximately 60 mega litres of water and will become the primary water source for all parks, gardens and recreation facilities in Wyalong and West Wyalong.

One of the ponds has a land island in the middle to provide a breeding ground for birds where they are protected from foxes.

The Wetlands were developed on a pre-existing bird and wildlife sanctuary that was revegetated with native plants.

The Wetlands cover an area of 6.547 hectares, with an area of 3.859 hectares. Golden Perch were released into the waters of The Wetlands to add to the variety of wildlife.

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