South Wagga Apex Fisherama

Sunday 08 March 2020


Fisherama is a Family Fun event. It is the only time throughout the year that anyone is allowed to fish in the Wollundry Lagoon, right in the heart of Wagga.

Fisherama is a Carp catching competition, and there is plenty in the lagoon! Fish are weighed and recorded throughout the event, with various prizes handed out at the end. Prizes may not be for the Biggest fish, they might do a Smallest fish prize, they might do a Weirdest fish prize. You just have to be in it, to win it.

Fisherama is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors, drag the kids out from in front of their devices, get out and enjoy some quality family time. This is also a great opportunity for any time-poor parents that have not yet had a chance to teach their kids to fish.

They do encourage the use of Barbless Hooks to help protect any unintentional catches, sometimes turtles like the look of the bait.

They want to give the community an opportunity to come together, and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of central Wagga, enjoy some family time, and help rid the water ways of these pests.

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