Andrew Sullivan: Survey into the Cretaceous

Sunday 19 January 2020 to Sunday 26 January 2020 (DAILY event)


Survey into the Cretaceous is a journey into Andrew Sullivan’s vivid imagination. The painter has imagined himself as being an assigned artist with a team of paleontologists, scientists and geographers on a survey expedition into the late Cretaceous period. His brief is to record the fauna and express the experience through an artist's eye. A broad cross-section of species is represented, some now extinct, some still extant today.

Andrew Sullivan is best known for his highly-refined, meticulously-detailed paintings. This exhibition includes paintings of some of the most iconic and best-known dinosaurs and flying reptiles of the late-Cretaceous period.

This exhibition is curated by George Adams.

Please note: The gallery is closed on Mondays.

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