Confetti and Chaos - the most hilarious Wedding Reception ever!

Friday 14 February 2020 to Saturday 15 February 2020


Inclusions: Performance, Three Course Meal, Drink on Arrival, Photo Booth and Parking

In this fully immersive theatrical experience, the audience become guests at a Wedding Reception where things quickly begin to not go as planned. Chaos and laughter greet audiences soon after they walk through the door!

Confetti and Chaos is a classic take on an English wedding reception gone a bit mad, as the guests get caught in the crossfire of the bridal party. It was meant to be a surprise party but its turned into pandemonium – secrets spill out as family members bust in, bust up, and bust a move.

This fabulous five-star experience has fun and mayhem bursting from the seams of a wedding dress! It's an immersive comedy that pulls out all the stops – including quick-fire character changes and quick-fire laughs.

Four actors impressively perform nine wildly different roles from Bride and Groom to Mother of the Bride and Best Man. Nine endearing characters who deliver a whirlwind of laughter, love and tears.

This confetti-fuelled extravaganza might just be the maddest wedding reception you’ll ever be invited to! Whether you've been married, planning to get married or committed to bachelorhood, Don't Miss This Invitation!

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