Keeping Healthy Backyard Chickens

Sunday 10 November 2019


This course is suitable for anyone who is currently keeping chickens and would like to know a bit more about their care and health, or for anyone who is thinking about keeping backyard chooks. The workshop focuses on how to care for, feed and manage backyard chickens, so that they provide you with or eggs and are living happy healthy lives.

Managing your chickens includes basic handing and administering basic health care. This means recognising when a bird is ill or injured and determining what you can do yourself and when you need to take other steps. Anyone who keeps chickens or other poultry has experienced the issue of an injured bird or sick bird. Taking your bird to the vet is not always an option.

This short course will help you give your injured poultry the best chance of a productive recovery. The workshop has been designed in consultation with a qualified veterinarian experienced in avian health.

Your Course Facilitators
Bronwyn Richards of Wynlen House Urban Micro Farm is an former vet nurse who has been keeping poultry for most of her life. Helen Lynch BA, DipEdStud, MEdAdmin, PostGCOEd, CertIVTAE, is a poultry keeper and experienced educational designer.

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