Bio intensive poly culture: Growing more while using less

Sunday 20 October 2019 (BIANNUAL event)


This is an on-farm workshop focusing on a cool climate adapted regenerative market gardening approach which allows growers to produce more vegetables using less space while conserving resources such as water, and building healthy soils. Species select intensive poly culture, as specifically developed by Bronwyn Richards of Wynlen House Urban Micro Farm, makes use of the many distinct characteristics of vegetable species and their adaptability to cool and cold climate zones, to grow a wide variety of species in the one plot.

Home or small commercial market gardeners who want to produce more with less, who want develop a unique range of vegetables for Market or their families and who want to achieve environmental sustainability by building soil health and conserving resources will be excited by the techniques delivered in the workshop. Everything learned is scaleable to small commercial market gardener and to the backyard grower.

Bronwyn Richards is a successful small commercial market gardener of 12 years experience with a focus on sustainability, soil health, water conservation and organic growing principles.
Helen M Lynch, BA, DipEdStud, MEdAdmin, PostGCOEd, CertIVTAE , is an educator having spent 15 years across the TAFE and University sectors designing educational experiences for adults

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