Penance Grove Walking Track

If you’re visiting Monga National Park on a day trip, you simply can’t miss Penance Grove. Enter this shady forest glen dappled with sunlight and discover the ancient rainforest from the wheelchair-friendly boardwalk.

You’ll see plumwood trees decorated with ferns, mosses and lichen forming a cathedral-like canopy for the tall mosses below. It’s incredible to think that many of the plant species here date back millions of years to when Australia was part of the super continent, Gondwana.

In summer, it’s a great place to retreat from the heat and the holiday crowds. And in early autumn, you’ll see the cream-coloured flowers of the plumwood trees dotted around the rainforest floor and smell their delightful perfume.

Why not walk another 400 metres along Link walking track to Mongarlowe River picnic area, or drive to Dasyurus picnic area for a relaxing picnic by the banks of the river?

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