Learn to knit with Adagio Mills

Saturday 03 August 2019


Have you ever wished you could knit? Come and learn with Nadine from Adagio Mills!

In the workshop learn the skills needed to be confident in knitting! All materials including yarn and needles will be provided for your first project. No prior skills required.

The project will be a headband. Nadine has found that whilst often people learn by knitting a scarf, many people become frustrated with the amount of time it takes to finish their first project. She loves to teach first time knitters with an achievable project and everyone has loved their finished project!

If you or you would like bring a friend who has some experience in knitting, you are welcome to come along for the fun, they will have an alternative project for you to learn some new skills too!

Afternoon tea with a complimentary glass of wine will be provided and they will take a break to wander through the mill to see how the yarn is made!

The workshop is being held as part of the Winter Fire Festival in Orange.

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