The Marulan Cafe


They reckon Marulan’s a bit of all right. It’s got everything you could possibly want: historic sights, interesting architecture, a great community of people, an emerging foodie scene, utilities and conveniences and proximity to the Highlands and Tablelands. Who could ask for more?

There’s only one thing missing: a good old, dependable, truly convenient, local, General Store. Something that will meet the needs of the community; something that they can all be proud of when visitors pass through town; something that will offer the same value as you’d find in the big supermarkets in town; something that supplements the already-terrific gourmet delights on offer; and something that will add to this ripper of a town.

Welcome to The Marulan General Store; a delightful place to shop.

The Marulan Cafe is open seven days a week

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