Royal Flying Doctor Visitor Experience


Discover an unforgettable exhibition full of exciting, interactive displays that will give visitors a deeper understanding of how we work, and why the Flying Doctor is still so vitally important. The exhibition covers a broad range of topics including aviation, communication, history, healthcare, and much more.

Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Founded in 1928 by Reverend John Flynn (who famously appears on the 20 dollar note), the Flying Doctor continues this proud heritage today by providing crucial healthcare services to people in rural and remote areas of Australia.

From emergency medical care and evacuation to regular clinics for remote communities, the Royal Flying Doctor Service saves lives across Australia every day. In fact, with a national fleet of 71 planes strong and growing, the Flying Doctor assists more than 292,000 people every year – that’s 1 person every 2 minutes!

Be inspired by the resilience, resourcefulness, and innovation of their pilots, engineers, doctors and nurses who operate across vast distances, harsh landscapes, and in far-from-ideal conditions.

Visit their Outback Trek Cafe, drink in the views from their Observation Deck and pick up a souvenir.

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