Apsley Falls campground


When the modern world gets too much, you know it’s time to load up the campervan and head for the hills. Apsley Falls campground, on the western edge of Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, is your ticket to serenity. This unique bush site, in northern New South Wales, is a world away from the city crowds. It’s the perfect bush stop on a driving holiday and a great base for walking and birdwatching.

Pick a campsite among the snow gums, boil the billy and take in Apsley Falls, even more spectacular after rain. Keep your eye out for king parrots, black cockatoos and the colourful spotted pardalote.

After a day of exploring, cook up a barbecue feast and unwind round the campfire. If you’re keen to see some wildlife after the sun sets, grab the torch; you might see spotted-tail quolls, bandicoots and sugar gliders.

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