Winged Garden - Jan Melville

Sunday 05 January 2020 to Sunday 26 January 2020


Insects, Birds and Winged Creatures come to Everglades. They lie hidden amongst the gardens - look closely and you will see them.

The Winged Creatures in this exhibition have come to help protect the Birds and Insects and in doing so these images have their own stories to tell as part of Jan's own ongoing Mythology.

Works for this exhibition have been created in 2D and 3D in both print media and mixed media on canvas. A 3D assemblage work of the Bird Goddess will watch over the exhibition.

During this exhibition Jan will be giving informal talks on both the works and the construction of the Artist Books on display. Hand made artist books have attracted a following in the arts the use of an artists visual images displayed in 3D. For this show a special book Winged Creatures Of Everglades was constructed using a number of prints from images both from Everglades and elsewhere.

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