Blue Mountain Bikes Australia

Blue Mountains Bikes Australia (BMB) is a fully mobile Self Guided Concierge Mountain Bike service that gives you the opportunity to explore the pristine natural beauty of this UNESCO world heritage listed area at your own pace.

They don't operate from a shop, they are a fully mobile service!

Beginner to Intermediate riding is their specialty! Get in touch with your inner child.

You book your chosen ride adventure via the website. They meet you near the trail (right near the train stations) with your bikes, equipment and maps, all set up ready to go. They spend up to an hour with you getting you all ready for your ride. They cover bike operation, trail information and provide riding technique tips to help you get the most out of the bikes, trail and yourself. They meet you at the end of your ride to collect your bike and hear your adventure story!

With a massive network of trails on offer, there are rides to suit all levels of fitness and experience – and Blue Mountain Bikes has been helping people find the right ride since 2012.

E-Bike (electric) guided tours coming late 2018

Nearby events

  1. Mycorrhizal: Futurae - Ferox - Inferius

    Sunday 23 September 2018 to Sunday 07 October 2018 , Katoomba

    Mycorrhizal: Futurae - Ferox – Inferius is Freedom Wilson’s new body of work which raises awareness of the endangered Buttercup Doubletail Orchid (Diuris aequalis). Orchids have evolved highly complex ecological partnerships over millennia.…

    23 Sep - 07 Oct
  2. Blue Mountains Botanica

    Sunday 23 September 2018 to Sunday 14 October 2018 , Katoomba

    For more than two centuries the unique vegetation of the Blue Mountains region has provided a rich treasure trove for some of Australia’s most notable botanists and botanical illustrators. By naming and documenting a myriad of plant species…

    23 Sep - 14 Oct
  3. Varuna Open House

    Sunday 23 September 2018 , Katoomba

    Varuna, the National Writers House is one of Katoomba’s most special places. This is a rare opportunity for the public to come and visit this very unique place, get a sense of what it’s like to work at Varuna as a writer, and find out more …

    23 Sep