Camp Street Climbing Katoomba


Camp Street Climbing is an indoor bouldering facility in Katoomba that's the only indoor wall in the Blue Mountains open to the public, where everyone can come and experience climbing.

Bouldering involves climbing short routes called ‘problems’ on specially designed climbing walls of a lower height, removing the need for ropes, harnesses and other equipment. Instead, the floor is covered with a thick soft pad in case you fall.

Bouldering is a fun and social activity. It also keeps you fit and the variety of problems on their bouldering wall keeps you from getting bored. You can boulder at any age and requires only a basic level of fitness.

Whether you are a curious adult wanting to try something new, a kid searching for a fun activity, or a dedicated long term climber looking for an inspiring training facility, Camp Street Climbing has it all to cater for you.

They also offer kids and beginners classes, birthday parties and bespoke training.

They have staffed hours when anyone can come along and have a climb. They also have memberships that enable you to access the wall between 7am and 10 pm, seven days a week.

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