Fire: An Installation by Kevina-Jo Smith - Katoomba Area

Fire coloured textile artwork spread like a sail against background of blackened trees

Saturday 20 January to Saturday 17 March 2018

Fire is a site-specific installation by artist Kevina-Jo Smith at the Woodford Academy, the Blue Mountains oldest building. Smith’s installation engages with concerns of climate change and the bushfire season in the Blue Mountains. The installation responds to investigations of the Academy’s collection of research by historical guests, researchers, artists and the local Indigenous community, the Darug and Gundungurra People, who have provided records of documenting bushfire in the past, through written word and illustration.
Kevina-Jo Smith’s artwork emerges from her collection and reuse of consumer by-product materials. Her process is a tribute to the natural world and a ritual against its destruction. Her work explores shelter, environments and cultural climates, through both exhibited works and the lived process behind those pieces. Smith currently resides in the Blue Mountains, a place which sustains and inspires her.

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