Blue Gum Forest


The historical and natural significance of the mighty Blue Gum Forest can’t be understated. It’s spoken of in hushed tones by those who know of it, and once seen, is never forgotten.

Situated in Grose Valley, in the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park, this stand of magnificent eucalypts is a fine example of closed forest. A haven for birds and wildlife, it was saved from the axe by bushwalkers in the 1930s. These intrepid nature-lovers pooled resources and bought the forest to preserve it for future generations.

For a close-up experience of the splendour of the tall stand of blue gums, you’ll have to bring your hiking boots. Access is via walking tracks from either Perrys lookdown or Pierces Pass into Grose Valley. Why not make a nature weekend of it and stay overnight at Acacia Flat campground? Camping is not permitted in Blue Gum Forest.

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