Pierces Pass


The scenic views are worth the effort on this challenging walk along the Grose River into the rugged wilderness of the Blue Gum Forest.

The Pierces Pass to Blue Gum Forest walking track is a real heart starter with expansive views across the northern end of the iconic Grose Valley. Take a moment to breathe in that famous Blue Mountains air before you descend the valley towards the magnificent Grose River.

The track follows a spur down into the valley, passing the lush vegetation of the Fairy Grotto. From here you’ll enter the dense rainforest and see towering coachwood and sassafras, while epiphytes and orchids cling to the trunks. Skirting the cliffs, the track takes you through open forest where you might see vibrant crimson rosellas or perhaps a wedge-tailed eagle circling above.

Crossing the Grose River, notice how the canopy thickens as you approach Blue Gum Forest. Picnic under the towering blue gums before heading back or, if you’re keen on overnight camping, take the short walk to the Acacia Flat campground for a night in the rugged wilderness.

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