Wiradjuri Aboriginal Cultural Tour - Tumut

Image taken as part of Discovering Country exhibition

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture and experience first hand how Aboriginal people used the land to survive, their traditional practices, the bush tucker they ate, bush tools they used and their spiritual beliefs from the Dreaming.

The Tumut River and Kosciuszko National Park located in the Snowy Mountains Region of New South Wales was the meeting place for Aboriginal tribes including the Wiradjuri, Ngungawal and Wolgalu. They met for trade, ceremony and to follow traditional pathways used for travelling to and from the mountains to the coast.

Discover why Aboriginal people's movements were governed by the landscape and the seasonal changes that affected food and shelter resources.

This is a hands on experience delivered in the breathtaking landscapes of the Snowy Mountains and offers unique opportunities to see ancient landscapes, make your own bush rope, traditional jewellery, basket weaving and learn about the survival skills of Aboriginal people.

For more information: www.environment.nsw.gov.au

Wiradjuri Wonders - Aboriginal Discovery Tour

Wiradjuri Aboriginal Cultural Tours are conducted by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Discovery Program, their guides are the traditional land owners the Wiradjuri who have strong connection to their country which ensures you can immerse yourself in a true to life indigenous tourism experience. From personal tours of one to large groups you will experience hands on traditional practices, listen to dreamtime stories and explore the unique ancient culture of Australia. Tours are available from a couple of hours to full day on request. Affordable tours costs depend on group sizes. Discovery the tastes of the bush with a bush tucker tour, make your own reed basket, bush rope, learn to throw a spear, make a stone axe or discovery traditional Aboriginal Culture.
Start Location Adelong Road Tumut
Duration Full Day, Half Day or Less and Customised
Price $19.50 - $190.00 For full pricing and bookings, please contact the friendly staff at the Tumut Region Visitors Centre.