Whale Watching Byron Bay - Byron Bay

Whale Watching Byron Bay

Byron Bay is famous as one of the most popular whale watching locations in Australia.

Each year, humpback whales migrate past Byron Bay - Australia's most easterly point - on their annual migration to their northern breeding grounds.

Whale Watching Byron Bay conduct daily Whale Watching Tours between June and November.

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For more information: www.byronbaywhalewatching.com.au

Whale Watching Byron Bay

The migration route of the Australian east coast humpback whale brings them in such close proximity to Byron Bay's Cape Byron, it is likely you will encounter several whales during your tour. Whale Watching Byron Bay is the only whale watching tour operator departing directly from Byron Bay. This allows them the quickest access to the humpback whale migration on the Australian east coast. Whale Watching Byron Bay has been operating since 2002, making them Byron Bay's most experienced whale watching tour operator.
Start Location
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $55.00 - $89.00 Adults AUD89.00 per person. Children five to 12 years AUD55.00 per person.