Whale Watch Experience/Pacific Explorer - Coffs Harbour

whale spy hopping looking at us only metres from the boat

There is no better way to see the Humpback whale migration than with the most experienced crew on board Pacific Explorer, a favourite whale watching vessel in Coffs Harbour since 1994 and the only specialist whale watching operation in Coffs.
Join the crew from June to November each year for an up close and personal experience with the whales. Enjoy uninterrupted viewing, a safe and stable ride, no restrictive fixed seating, plenty of room to move about, and best of all, only 23 passengers per cruise, so bookings are essential. They depart daily at 8.30 for the best sea conditions and spend two and a half hours with theses magnificent mammals.
They take the time to gain the whales trust and once they feel comfortable they will often swim along quite close with them, as they cruise the Coffs Coast. This is an experience that should not be rushed, so take the time to get the best possible interaction with these inquisitive creatures, who want to interact with you.
When the weather warms and the whales have departed, from December to April, come join them for a sail and snorkel or dolphin watch in the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

For more information: www.pacificexplorer.com.au

Whale Watching Cruise June to November

The Solitary Islands Marine Park off Coffs Harbour is a meeting place where Humpback whales converge on their migration from Antarctica, making the Coffs Coast the best location in Australia to go whale watching. Here they appear close to the coast and are often seen breaching, spouting and tail slapping just out from the harbour. There is no better way to see the whales than aboard Pacific Explorer, a 10 metre motor sailing catamaran specially designed for whale watching, offering a safe, stable ride, uninterrupted views of the whales. Pacific Explorers quiet engine and professional operation sees the whales gravitate to the boat, often swimming only a few metres away, you really do get up close and personal with these majestic giants of the ocean.
Start Location Marina Dr Coffs Harbour
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $45.00 - $55.00 Child 12 years and under $45pp Adults $55pp

Sail and Snorkel Cruise December to April

From December to April come and cruise the Solitary Islands Marine Park to Split Solitary Island where you can snorkel in the shallow waters surrounding the island. You will see coral and fish and may be visited by sea turtles, wobbegongs or dolphins. At all times you will be under supervision by the qualified diver who will be in the water with you. Morning tea, snorkel, mask, fins and wetsuits are included. Bookings are essential.
Start Location Marina Dr Coffs Harbour
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $40.00 - $60.00 Minimum number of six people per cruise.