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Muggadah Tours - Katoomba

Muggadah Tours is fully Aboriginal owned and operated, offering walking tours in the Blue Mountains region with the people who have lived here for 40,000 years

On the tours you will see how the Gundungurra Aboriginal people lived and travelled around the Mountains. Tour includes discovering information on bush tucker, traditional dancing, legends and Aboriginal ceremony.

Guides are fully trained and have high knowledge of Aboriginal history and life in the region.

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Prince Henry Walk

This tour embraces the fantastic views of the Three Sisters and other culturally significant sites of the Gundungurra Nation.

The walk will take you from the Three Sisters around the cliff face to the Scenic Skyway while you engage in learning about the traditional bush tucker and medicine as well as how the Gundungurra people utilised the land and their Dreamtime stories.

Selective tours are also available where you choose a tour of any site of interest to you and learn about the Dreamtime story behind the creation of the landscape of the Blue Mountains as well as information on plants used culturally for their nutritional and medicinal value.
Start Location The Three Sisters, Katoomba
Highlights The Three Sisters, Katoomba
Travel by Walk
Duration Full Day, Half Day or less.
Price $55.00-$95.00 Price Range Half to full day
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