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Reporter: Pete Wells

Put the B-B-Bounce back into your weekend at Flip Out in Penrith. This is Australia's biggest trampoline playground with a massive 600 square metres of trampolines.

And while the kids will go NUTS here, it's also a great sport for kids-at-heart.

The Adult Agility Class is fast-paced and full-on. Talk about a work out! Trampolining is a really fun way to fine-tune your balance, co-ordination, and flexibility.

And it's not just jumping up and down, the instructors will teach you how to do front and back flips like a pro. They'll tell you it's a simple combination of height, tuck, and spin, but it takes a lot of practice. You can't get the thrills without the spills!

The young'uns can fight it out in Little Ninjas. This is an intensive hour of bounce starting with bunny hops, bum bounces, 360° turns, and flips. This is a hit with kids AND parents because by the time the kiddies stumble out of here they're all tuckered out!

Don't bounce off the walls at home, head to Flip Out and bounce off theirs!

More Information

Flip Out
80 Mulgoa Rd, Penrith
Open 7 days
$14 per hour
Ph: 1300 FLIP OUT

Prices correct as at 01/06/13